Amsterdam Marathon 2014


Here we are again, another poorly prepared for marathon and a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year.  I hope everyone has coped alright without it.  So in the next few weeks, I’ll be doing the following events to raise money for Mind:

Sunday 12th October – Royal Parks Half Marathon

Sunday 19th October – Amsterdam Marathon

Sunday 26th October – BUPA Great South Run

I hate Sundays.  I appreciate it’s been a busy year for charity fundraising and no doubt you’ve all donated to a lot of people already.  If pouring another bucket of icey water on my head helps then I’m happy to do that.  Or anything else you might want to pour on my head.

Rather than being ready to set new personal bests in all these events, I’ve found myself injured, out of form and at times in the past year or so, ironically struggling to run for Mind due to depression.  Or struggling to run well anyway.  Running tends to help with mental health, but if you do manage to push yourself into doing it, it still slows you down.  That’s going to remain my excuse anyway.  I’ll attempt running this marathon smiling with upbeat music but the likely outcome is a similar time and worse photos.

Marathon training hasn’t exactly gone well, so it’s once again a big challenge to complete it.  But I’m not sure I’d enjoy it if it wasn’t a challenge anyway.  I think I’m stubborn enough to get round it, and hoping Amsterdam will be even more exciting than the endless roundabouts and car parks of the Milton Keynes marathon.  Maybe that’s a tad optimistic.

Mental health stories have been in the news a lot this year and Mind’s work is more prominent than ever.  I know lots of people have sponsored me before, but even a small donation would be fantastic.  Not only does every extra pound help me keep running, it helps Mind keep providing vital support to millions of people.

If you can’t afford to donate anything, you can still help.  Go on the Mind or Time to Change websites, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, read about other people’s experiences and encourage more people to talk about it.  With the amount of misconception and discrimination still evident today, this is one area we can improve without donating anything (although I’d rather you did both).

I’m proud to have run many events for Mind and raised money, but over the past few years I’ve spoken to countless people about mental health issues of all levels of severity.  Many people still don’t realise how prevalent it is so if nothing else I appreciate it if you’ve read this blog, shared it with others or just thought more about it yourself.

For anyone that does want to donate, here is the link:



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