I began this blog in an attempt to raise awareness of mental health issues and fundraise for Mind as I attempted to train for the London marathon in just 2 months in 2012.

I was a novice runner but have since completed many events for Mind and continued to write about mental health, discrimination and my personal experience. The blog has now concluded with my account of living with Tourette’s Syndrome, the impact on running, sport and everyday life, and how other aspects of mental health interrelate with the condition.

While this blog has finished, I will still respond to comments if anyone has any questions, and can be found on twitter @adereynolds

There will be new blogs starting in the near future. I from London and enjoy football, books, theatre, writing, film and music. And sometimes of course, running, when it’s not too cold.

Thank you so much to all who have read this and supported me in the past few years.


Twitter: @adereynolds

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